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Best Content Marketers is a list that came about from a question on Quora. We’re answering a marketing question a day on Quoa, and wanted to take a different approach to anaswering this question than most. Most answers focused on the “usual suspects” of great content marketers such as Content Marketing Institute’s founder Joe Pulizzi and blogger heavyweights such as Jeff Bullas.

We wanted to take a different approach.

We wanted to share the best day-to-day curators we know. Blisteringly smart, but not so high on Mount Olympus you can’t learn the down-and-dirty skills needed to be a great web marketer was the criteria we applied to this list of the world’s best curators we know:

Mark Traphagen (GPlus)
David Amerland (Gplus)
Cendrine Marrout (Medium)
Malex (
Os (
Massimo (
Karen Dietz ( storytelling)
Robin Good (tools reviewer)
Jeff Domansky (PR coach on
Neil Ferree (GPlus)
Dean Peters (Gplus)
David Kutcher (GPlus)
Guillaume Decugis (Scoopit CEO)
Brian Yanish (Marketing Hits + Integration)
John van den Brink (Scoopit)
Jesús Hernández (GREAT photos on Scoopit)
Ana Cristina Pratas (Scoopit 1+M views club)
Rebecca Lieb
(Vassar Classmate who used to work with Brian Solis and Charlene Li at the Altimeter Group an online marketing think tank. Brian and Charlene wold be in my Best of category too)

Follow any three of those hard working day-to-day content marketers and you are guaranteed to learn invaluable lessons in how to make the web’s donuts – content marketing.

Mark shared this post on GPlus and said a generous, nice thing (as he often does):

Let’s admit it. Any of us is flattered to make someone’s “best of” list. But for me, the gratification is usually momentary and lasts until I see the list because usually the reality is the list is “these are people other people say are popular” or “these are people with the most followers” or some other useless criteria.

But I’m genuinely flattered to be on this list by +Martin W. Smith because when Marty does something, it’s with thought and purpose.

Mark rocks and you would learn a lot if you just read everything he shared for a single week. Marty

Postscript 2
Very nice note from one of the best content marketers we know in Canada on Facebook today. Thie “best of list” conversation is happening on four different platforms, so it is a SOT (Sign of the Times to come). Brian Yanish’s Marketing Hits may be the best to blog integration on the planet. The ability to integrate and “de-platform” our websites is about to be a CSF (Critical Success Factor) skill, one Brian has been practicing for the seven+ years I’ve known him.

When a marketing expert like Martin Smith put you on his list of to follow content marketers, it’s truly an honor. Marty is the type of marketer who loves to look deep into the question of marketing and what’s working and what’s not. He then writes DETAILED posts on it. It take the time to read Marty site and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Postscript 3
Another very nice person I don’t know noted how often lists like our 20 Best Content Marketing Lists are fishing for something (positive comments or backlinks). Not so much for us (lol). As I noted on Facebook, who has time for that. Between trying to stay CURRENT (i.e. not fall further behind) in my crazy chosen profession (Internet marketing), curating content across more than 10 social networks and creating content for fishing is something we used to have the time to do. Not so much anymore.

Oh, and in case my life ever becomes less than exciting, I have a chronic form of leukemia that tends to remind me what is critical in life every so often (since it is easy to forget). People are what matters, and anyone who tells you anything else is trying to sell you something. Don’t get sold, but do find ways to say THANK YOU back to those who support you. One aspect of sharing a list like this is to say THANK YOU. Another is a real desire to help cut the learning curve in half for those unfamiliar with the organic chemistry online marketing requires today.

One suggestion I made was to read everything Mark Traphagen shared for a week. If you read, shared and thought about everything, Mark shared in a single week you would be miles ahead of where you were. And “Mark’s Rule” applies to anyone on our list. Each curator has a “hand” you can see, feel and come to know. The “hand”, a reference to when telegraph operators knew who was sending a message by the WAY the instrument was used.

Great content marketers have a “hand” you can hear, feel and know too. Mark’s expertise in GPlus runs deep but doesn’t stop there. Brian’s ability to plug one platform into another is a sign of things to come and Karen knows how to tell great stories (another essential skill in this overwhelmed with BS time). Learning something daily is key to thriving in our connected, mobile and social world. As we noted, follow any three people on our list and you will know more about how all of this stuff works at the end of next week than you do now. And the price for such an education? No cash, but you do need to commit TIME and ENERGY.

What about you? Who should be on my list that isn’t? I almost forgot David Amerland. The danger of making a list like this is forgetting important marketers who should be on it, so share yours and we will add them to the list of MUST FOLLOW content marketers.

Best Content Marketers Infographic


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  3. Neil Ferree March 30, 2016 at 1:19 pm

    Hey Marty, I like being parrty to the Hunters and Gatherers Group on this compelling CM piece. Thanks a lot!