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Marty is a cancer survivor, 15 year Internet marketer after consumer products goods marketing & sales training with P&G, M&M/Mars & NutraSweet. He started 4 companies including Found Objects, Dada Box, Scenttrail Marketing & Curagami.

Voltage Search Media ROCKS

Voltage Search Media ROCKS because complex things transform into understanding and money. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is complex. Why attempt to copy, learn, or emulate Voltage Search Media’s SEM algorithms when you can HIRE Mark Brown, Tim Prevost and the Voltage team? This post shares my fifteen year journey with Voltage sharing five reasons you should give them a call.

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Original Art Rules 2019 Marketing

We have five theories on why colorful original art and illustrations will rock digital marketing next year.

Death of Stock Photography
The Art, Marketing and Data Collision
Originality Gets Shared
Pictures Matter More Than Words Now
The Attention Span/Serotonin Challenge

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Five Web Design Steals from the Chrysler Museum of Art

Five Web Design Steals
Here are five web design ideas you should steal from the new site.

Hero with subtle, effective Calls To Actions (CTAs).
Color as warmth and invitation.
Whitespace to lower intimidation and encourage interaction.
Teases promoting clicks and control.
Storytelling with text, images, and testimonials.

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Design Thinking Matters Here’s Why

The chaotic jumble of idea, tests, humans, and designers is the tumult we’ve become, the discord and disorder we need. Every design promotes or diminishes conversations. There is no neutral. Standing still doesn’t exist anymore. You gain or lose every day with every design you publish, think about, or share.

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