Art Science Thing

The Art Science Thing

Art and Science Thing shares five ways business is becoming more scientific and artistic even as art becomes a big business.

  • The Love Thing.
  • Damien Hirst & Auctions.
  • REI’s Loyalty.
  • Woot’s Unique Voice.
  • Amazon’s “Roll Up” Mentality.

The Love Thing

When there are three brands and ten products for every human need, we buy what we love and from those we love. Good isn’t good enough anymore.

Google and the web rewards exceptional, awesome, and unique. Read Burn Down Your Website for more on why swimming in red oceans won’t scale.

Love, passion, and art require risk. Businesses must risk more than capital these days. Today, businesses need to do and share what they love and the tribe who loves them.

If you don’t love what you are doing stop doing it. If you don’t love what you or your company are doing, then don’t create a website since you’re missing the biggest CSF (Critical Success Factor).

Here is Sake Shack’s founder restauranteur Danny Meyer describing something he loves – his burger. Note how aware Danny is of the need to appeal to a rabid community of NYC foodies. 

Damien Hirst’s Auction Lesson

As we share in How Damien Hirst Changed The Art World, cutting out middlemen, consolidating supply chains, and maximizing scale are happening. The digitalization of everything changes economies of scale and may flip markets.

Clean slate brands, brands with no vested interest in a market’s status quo, such as Uber, Seventh Generation, and Tesla don’t care about how taxis, household cleaning products, or cars used to be made, marketed or sold.

Clean slate brands take advantage of OPT and OPS (Other People’s Tools and Other People’s Scale) to look, act, and act bigger than they appear. Better products and epic customer experiences win fast and disproportionate to laggards.

Aggregators such as Trivago, Kayak, and Amazon (partner network) “roll up” a businesses digital environment. Ask a real estate agent how it feels to buy back traffic from, Trulia, or Zillow and read the section below on how to think like Amazon.

REI’s Loyalty knows how to use content, a unique voice, and community to develop customer loyalty. Time is loyalty’s right hand.

Time is Google’s right hand too. Google uses time to separate authentic, beloved, and always evloving websites from flash in the pan pet rock-like aberations.

REI’s loyalty program helps connect, engage and win hearts and minds. As noted earlier, we can buy camping gear anywhere. We buy at because they are “like us” and we love them.

Oh, doesn’t hurt that we can redeem our member bonuses either.

Woot’s Voice

Does your brand create enough loyalty? Do your customers waike up in the middle of the night to see what you have on sale today? Woot’s customers would rather visit their favotirte deal website than sleep.

Deals are important, but we aren’t loyalty to deals. We are loyal becuase trust earned, share, and consistently reciprocated is a rare thing.

Woo’ts voice is risky, unique, and unforgettable.We love saving money and Woot’s customers love the site’s willingness to take a risk, hear their feedback, and create a fun experience even if they have to wake up at midnight to discover today’s deal.

Amazon’s Roll-Up Science

Read Albert-László Barabási’s book Linked: How Everything Is Connected to Everything Else to understand the network science the Big A uses to beat smaller websites senseless. Amazon things BIGGER, FASTER, and LONGER than you.

Not long after creating my firsat website, (gone now sadly), we noticed Amazon was buying books. We couldn’t understand what the nascent Amazon was doing.

They bought books from distributors to sell online at a loss. Amazon didn’t care about profit. They cared about proving e-commerce was a coming reality.

With e-commerce growing faster than brick and mortar for years and Amazon destroying entire industries and disrupting many more the jury is in. Amazon know more about digitial marketing than you.

As we share In Beating Amazon With Emotinal IQ there are ways to fight the giant.