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Guggenheim Museum

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Art of Holiday GIfts

The Art of Holiday Gifts shares Curagami’s recommendations for those hard to buy for people on your list. Our families are tough to find and buy great gifts for their birthdays much less Christmas. That’s why we like to prowl art museum gift shops. Just about everyone in our family loves art.

And, for the few who don’t love art, we added a Best Audio Gifts guide. No one hates art AND music. Virtually everyone is guaranteed to love either art, music or both. That makes our Art of Holiday Gifts guide perfect for any and all on your list this year.

We will be adding more Museums to our list. Who do you think we should add? Where do you find great gifts for the artists, music lovers, and those “hard to buy for” on your list? Send your suggestions to martin(at)Curagmai.com.