50 Great Content Curators

Kelly Hungerford Great Community Manager and content curator on CrowdFunde

Kelly Hungerford

Great Content Curator Jan Gordon on CrowdFunde

Neil Ferree

Cendrine Marrouat Great Content Curator and writer on CrowdFunde

Cendrine Marrouat

Great Content Curator Jan Gordon on CrowdFunde

Jan Gordon

Mark Traphagen Great Curator and GPlus Guru on CrowdFunde

Mark Traphagen

Alley Greer 50 Great Content Curators

Ally Greer

Robin Good Top Curator on CrowdFunde

Robin Good

Ana Cristina Pratas Top Curator on CrowdFunde

Ana Cristina Pratas

Last year I wrote a Scoop about my 17 favorite content curators. The post received a lot of shares and it reinforced the danger of creating such a static list – forgetting great content curators. As we look to hire 10 great content curators we thought it helpful to share information about 50 of our favorite content curators. This page will eventually hold links to profiles for 50 great content curators.

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What about you?

Let us know about your favorite content curators using the form below,  or in comments or email martin(at)CrowdFunde.com.

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