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5 Cool Content Marketing Tools

5 Cool Content Marketing Tools shares 5 of our favorite tools and how we use them. Tools featured:

  • Scoop.it
  • Haiku Deck
  • Paper.li
  • GPlus
  • Pinterest


Scoop.it is the best content curation tool we use with Medium coming up fast. We use Scoop.it to test, develop easy to use curated content feeds, create community, and find great content and curators.

Once your website has existed for a time Google “ranks” it. Links are the main driver of “rank”. Relevant links from trusted sites is how you win Google’s “trusted” status. But there’s a problem. Once your site is trusted you don’t want to publish content that doesn’t meet or exceed previous standards. This is why we use Scoop.it as our content curation testing groud.

With over 45,000 followers on Scoop.it we can test content fast and get great feedback from curators we trust, from curators we learned content curation from such as Brian Yanish (Marketing Hits), Ana Cristina Pratas and Cendrine Marrouat.

Following these and other great content curators on Scooop.it teaches more about web marketing than any book. Watch and learn from the best and your content marketing becomes a community of fellow traveler, like-minded and supportive marketers (or fans of boats, product development, cars, whatever).


RSS isn’t dead as our Curagami Feedly proves. Feely is the best way we know to curate massive amounts of content. Want to watch or curate great competitor content? Use Feedly and win.

Haiku Deck

No arresting visuals means no traffic, engagement or rank. But there’s a big problem. Arresting visuals can cost a fortune. You can try to use the Creative Commons to find images, but Creative Commons interface isn’t the best. Who has time to look through mountains of hay to find a needle?

Haiku Deck to the rescue. 

Haiku Deck is a “better” PowerPoint. Better because “death by PowerPoint” tendencies is squashed by the app’s User Interface (thus the Haiku in the name). We use Haiku Deck to do MORE than simply find visuals to support ideas we already have – visuals from the Creative Commons. We use this great visual marketing tool to test content ideas, suggest ways to make non-visual ideas graphical and easier to understand, and to get VIEWS and ENGAGEMENT for our content marketing ideas.

We use this great visual marketing tool to test content ideas, suggest ways to make non-visual ideas graphical and easier to understand, and to get VIEWS and ENGAGEMENT for our content marketing ideas.

Our top Haiku Deck, SEO For Web Designers, has more than 23,000 views. The Haiku Deck team supports your use of their tool with great Featured and Popular Decks galleries (a great idea to STEAL for any online marketing team).[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]


We use Paper.li as a catcher’s mitt. Paper.li creates a daily “paper” out of your social content. You control the content your paper uses, but it is common to use Twitter. Paper.li is a “catcher’s mitt” because their algorithm points out content with juice.

The content you Tweeted yesterday may or may not have traction. Paper.li’s algorithms provide FREE and great perspective on what turned your audience on by subject and link. If that sounds like another great way to test content we think so too. We see things in our Paper.li that prompts a move BACK to content we may have missed because the initial share didn’t seem to do anything (gain shares, likes and links).

The social web is SO FAST and reporting so POOR you can walk right by a home run. Not if you mine your Paper.li. Their algorithms are that good.


Google Plus

Many say GPlus is a “ghost town”. Our 6,500 GPlus followers have generated more than 2.4M pageviews. Show me another content marketing tool capable of doing half as much and the Curagami team will use and recommend to our clients. There are two ways of looking at GPlus – glass is half empty or glass is half full.

We prefer to think of GPlus as a powerful suite of tools not being over-used by the marketing multitudes. We look for tools with a great return and low or no costs (to use or scale) all the time. They are hard to find. Gplus is sitting there saying, “use me” and we do and will.


When we started using Pinterest it was nothing but frustrating. Then we created our King and Queen of Pinterest community feeds and life got better fast. Now with almost 8,000 followers and two community boards that add great content and curators with little oversight or effort, we see how powerful Pinterest can be.

Like every other tool mentioned here, Pinterest is a great content marketing testing tool. Pinterest is the closest look and feel to e-commerce too. If a social net is likely to generate real commercial benefit with a little programming and thinking Pinterest is it.