5 Bang Bang Web Design Trends

5 Bang Bang Web Design Trends

Read the inspiring LevelTen Interactive logo graphic post.

Visual Marketing Is HERE & Now

Two ideas in this GetLevelTen.com post blew me away – Video Backgrounds & Animated Infographics.

These trends mark the move to visual and lean marketing. We will be writing less as we animate, video and design more. Who has time to READ (lol). Not I said the harried Small to Medium Sized Business owner. Today we SCROLL and SWIPE we don’t READ.

What do we have time to do? Play with our smartphones.

What content works great on the game consoles called smartphones? VISUAL content, content that moves, sounds and creates a sense of time, place and feeling works wonders on an iPhone or tablet.

Video Backgrounds

That is what we love about the Air France video background. The video background is quiet and subtle, but we FEEL a sense of time and place. Careful using video backgrounds. The loop, even the subtle one Air France uses, can get annoying after a time. Guess Air Frances is figuring time on their home page will be less than the point where the video starts to grate.

The web is inherently COLD. We’ve used color and images to warm it up. Air France shows how we can use a “video background” to do the same.

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Animated Infographics

Warm isn’t the word for the Mini Cooper’s animated infographic. The Coop figured out a way to make boring car feature selling look and feel exciting much like their pocket rocket of a car.

The Coop’s animated infographic highlights another smartphone and tablet enabled visual marketing trend – scrolling. The swipe is a POWERFUL aphrodisiac. Finger flicking through content will impact us all. Mini Cooper is smart enough to design for it. Are you?

Mini Cooper Animated Infograpic image