Breathe Fire: 5 Winning Ecommerce Tips From Moon Audio's Dragons

Winning Ecommerce – 5 Moon Audio Secrets

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Moon Audio’s Magic Formula

Congratulations are in order. Our friends at Moon Audio just received the kind of review many DREAM of and few receive. The Absolute Sound is an audiophile bible and here are a few of my favorite quotes from their Silver Dragon Review:

A visit to the Moon Audio Web site and on-line store reveals an honest passion for the high end, with a particular enthusiasm for headphones and head-amps and for the bespoke cables to drive them. This is Moon Audio’s specialty—custom, handcrafted cabling for any application from home theater to high-end stereo, as well as iDevices and laptops.

It doesn’t take exhaustive listening sessions to understand why Moon Audio cabling has already achieved near-cult-like status. The Silver Dragon V2 (SDV2) slipped into my system without a hiccup. Key among its strengths was the noise-free environment it established—a dark, dead-silent background from which music freely and cleanly emerged.

I don’t begrudge anyone who has the bankroll buying the high-priced spreads. I’ve heard some great expensive cables. And in the same general range of the Silver Dragon there is stiff competition from the likes of WyWires Blue Series and Nordost Purple Flare (reviewed in Issues 235 and 236). These are competitors, however, not dragon-slayers. I’ve got to give it up for the Moon Audio Silver Dragon V2. It’s a David in a world of Goliaths. It defies every expectation for a modestly priced interconnect. To say I’m impressed doesn’t go far enough. You’re just going to have to hear these for yourself.
The Absolute Sound Moon Audio Silver Dragons Review emphasis mine

5 Winning Ecommerce Secrets

Our friends Nichole and Drew Baird are WINNING online. Their online store doubled last year and is set to double again this year. Is perfect? Is any ecommerce website EVER perfect? Answer: Nope. But Moon Audio’s site will be better this year than last and better again next year because their site is an honest expression of LOVE and PASSION as The Absolute Sound noted. Here are 5 “secrets” every ecommerce team should steal from Moon Audio:

  • Passion To Be Great.
  • Focus, Focus, Focus.
  • Create Community.
  • Listen and HELP.
  • 10% Play Money.

Moon Audio Secret #1: Passion To Be Great

When Drew Baird worked two jobs he would work a full day, return home, and create and ship Silver Dragon audio cables long into the night. Drew’s wife Nichole helped as they created the next generation of Moon Audio-ites (they have 3 amazing daughters). Music is Drew’s passion. He was a DJ spinning tunes to help pay for his Penn State engineering degree.

When buying the cables he wanted, cables beyond his young family’s budget, proved impossible Drew put his engineering mind to work. Silver Dragons audio cables were born and one man’s passion is being shipped all over the world, used by musicians and record producers you know and creating the “cult following” that leads to success online.

Moon Audio Secret #2: Focus, Focus, Focus

Moon Audio isn’t trying to be all things to all people. They serve a particular tribe – high end audiophiles. They listen more than they talk. Drew is a brilliant guy. Getting him to actually TALK is NOT EASY. Years of networking, working with great brands and other passionate engineers / creators = how you create an “overnight” ecommerce success by working HARD over TIME.

Drew isn’t the only hard worker at Moon Audio. I have RESPECT and admiration for Nichole. When Nichole took over Moon Audio’s marketing she didn’t know much about the web. Today I would hire her and recommend her to any ecommerce team looking to understand how to win. Nichole has what every successful Internet marketer must – curiosity and a willingness to listen and learn.

Nichole doesn’t assume or judge. She listens, looks at her metrics and tests. She attended Magento’s Imagine user conference last month and she reads almost every word I write (and that is worth some special merit badge lol). Nichole doesn’t GIVE UP either. She hangs in and figures it out. When you find someone half as good my advice is HIRE THEM as they are rare and so valuable members of any ecommerce team.

Moon Audio Secret #3: Create Community

We are about to turn up the volume on Moon Audio’s online community when we add Curagami Conversations, but they are no slouch now. Drew receives hundreds of emails daily asking for help. Nichol called him an audio psychologist the other day and if you know anything about audiophiles then you understand how accurate such a description is.

Drew’s passion is creating and helping others hear better, hear what the artist wanted you to hear. Now that Drew’s Q&A archive is HUGE we can look for patterns and create content to support frequently asked questions. Tricky part is creating “evergreen” content that maintains the high touch and individual feel Drew creates today.

This balance beam between individual assistance and how many hours exist in a day is a beam many sites, brands and companies walk. We will share how Curagami helps analyze and organize Moon Audio’s evergreen conversational content as we continue on our installation so stay tuned.

Moon Audio Secret #4: LISTEN and HELP

Drew’s answering so meany emails with care and precision means Moon Audio LISTENS carefully to customers. Audio psychologist is an apt description because every ecommerce win starts with LISTENING. Wow, writing that sentence is the first time I’ve thought of where a site’s first sale and every sale after comes from. Every online sale starts because a unique need is met, pain resolved, and magic discovered. Every ecommerce sale stats with listening.

Right after listening is SERVICE. Drew and Nichole work hard to create relationships with customers, suppliers and partners. They serve a greater good – helping people who love music hear what’s really there. Listening, serving and creating mean Moon Audio earns the right to ASK their tribe for help, advice and guidance (big mistake many make is to jump right to the ask without earning it).

The 1%, 9%, 90% rule (1% of visitors contribute something of value, 9% comment and vote on the contribution of the 1% and 90% read) means developing a collaborative relationship with those hard working 10% “brand advocates” is the secret community mission of every ecommerce website.

Moon Audio Secret #5: At Least 10% To The New

After a few years many ecommerce teams may get stale. When I was an Ecommerce Director we reserved 10% of our budget and time for “crazy ideas that may never pay”. Convincing our Direct Marketing bosses to allow for 10% “play money” yearly may be the hardest “sale” I’ve ever made (lol).

Moon Audio may not have a stated “play” plan, but they look at their site as a movable feast.  They seek sources of new information. They exceed my 10% “play time” yearly, and they learn and move on. Strange to write this, but not EVERYTHING that happens on an ecommerce site is about money.

The “rub” of the “new ecommerce” is simply chasing money is a poor plan. Granted, “chasing online money” is how ecommerce started, but this phase social / mobile / connected of the moon is about creating astounding experience, engagement and loyal tribes. People are passionate about Moon Audio because they (Moon Audio) are passionate about them (customers listening to music with their headphones and stereos using Dragon interconnects and headphone cables). Create, listen and serve and the new ecommerce money comes.

If you want to treat your ears, visit Drew and Nichole at Moon Audio and look for Curagami Conversations soon.