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July 16, 2014
Get Social Health Cover Marty Podcast Interview

Curing Cancer Podcast

Listen to podcast interview about Curagami, Startups, Crowdfunding & Curing Cancer.

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Time Code Summary & Links

2:40 Martins Ride To Cure Cancer.

3:30 Martin’s Health on new leukemia drug (Ibrutinib).

4:20 New treatment for CLL

5:05 BMT or Not? Gathering advice.

5:30 Guiding Principle of Martin’s Life.

5:50 Selling Everything To Find A Cancer Cure (Tar Heel Traveler Video)

6:18  & Tech Cures Cancer (Go to MAKE A GIFT at UNC Lineberger and look for Tech Cures Cancer on the Please Select A Fund dropdown)

6:44 Tech Cures Cancer Goal To Raise $5M To Help Cancer Patients.

7:23 Cancer as chronic disease is a victory, a “cure”.

7:40 UNC Lineberger Cancer Center & Duke Cancer Institute.

8:33 NC Lineberger Head Ned Sharpless & NIH

9:07 Dr. Hank van Deventer Fibrocyte Research (VIDEO).

9:33 Sometimes we have to do crazy things to win.

9:50 UNC Lineberger = very entrepreneurial creating a “farm system” or AAA Baseball to tune research up.

10:30 Tech Cures Cancer at UNC Lineberger (look on bottom of donate dropdown menu after clicking on MAKE A GIFT).

11:17 Janet: Tired of asking friends for money.

11:58 Shock of Content chasing same amount of attention so even good causes can get lost.

12:10 Mark Traphagen, Phil Buckley, UNC Lineberger Cancer Center, Duke Cancer Institute

12:45 Want to know what is happening in the lab.

1300 Tech Cures Cancer & Curagami Content Marketing Tool to share cool cancer tech.

13:35 Janet: On Being an e-patient. Want to know about

14:00 We live in a “Behind the Scenes” time.

14:16 We don’t BUY brands we JOIN them – Faith Popcorn.

14:50 Advantage of Social Media for UNC Lineberger, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Duke Cancer Institute and UW Wisconsin

15:25 Intimate knowledge created by 2 way conversations changes sender and receiver.

16:25 Are doctors open to social media…yes and no.

16:50 Social media & what a doctor does one and the same

17:09 Social media is just an extension into the Internet space of what doctors already do.

17:35 Rogue Doctors leading the social media charge. Some doctors taking matters in their own hands.

18:07 Stars are the Doctors.

18:40, @Curagami (up soon), @Scenttrail = personal & Scenttrail Marketing, GPlus, Martin Marty Smith in Google = me.

20:40 Janet: Do doctors and hospitals need social media training?

21:04 Being on social media is an agreement to a covenant.

21:42 Social media as conversation and conversations revolutionizing marketing.

22:05 Doctors as father figures doesn’t work as well as doctors as collaborators.

22:36 Signals = great doctor like A/B testing online except on people.

23:20 Janet: Are people uncomfortable discussing your cancer?

24:15 Learning to Ask for HELP.

24:31 Asking for help = one of the most important ideas in Internet marketing. (Fear, Shame & Asking For Help Phil’s on difficulty of asking for help on Curagami).

25:00 Janet: tribe makes it easier to ask for money.

25:31 Example of need for crowdfunding instead of waiting on grants.

26:00 White Labeling crowdfunding for UNC Lineberger and other UNC departments.

26:35 Finding the cure for cancer by funding outliers.

25:50 Crowdfunding encourages doctors to create tribes of supporters.

27:30 Janet: Do you think that $5 donations can make a difference?

28:13 Yes, in the end the tribe is more valuable than the money. It’s the sustainable tribe of people willing to carry your banner that make the difference.

28:49 The answer is to create community and that is why we are creating Curagami. (Community The New Pillars of SEO on Curagami blog)

Curagami is a tool that could help a doctor, hospital, brand or business listens in and it starts the process of creating 2-way communication.

29:30 Presence on social media and knowing how to use social media isn’t the same thing.

29:40 Janet: How would I use Curagami to help grow a doctor’s practice?

30:22 Chapel Hill Internal Medicine is creating a “talking to ourselves about ourselves” website despite that is not the way their practice feels in real life.

30:40 Curagami’s 3 tool sets: External Conversations, Internal Conversations & Product Bullpen (should we sell this)

31:16 Amount of content you can create is always infinite, content you should create is tiny. Instead of spinning wheels ask customers to help.

31:45 Most important idea is the give and take, the 2 way conversation

32:10 Don’t passively consume anything.

32:25 First ASK for input and then curate response because it is the nature of the give and take that creates the content needed to be successful online.

33:07 Social media is same thing doctors do it’s just what they do online.

33:40 Better to ASK patients first because content is created from conversations.

34:00 Curagami in Beta with Moon Audio and Vestique.

35:00 Dr. Isaac Porter will be using Curagami.

35:30 Specs in Durham = loyal but would like to have a conversation with them.

36:00 Similar to Threadless and Quirky = reducing inventory carrying costs because only carry WINNERS based on customer feedback. (up soon), @Scenttrail = personal & Scenttrail MarketingGPlus, Martin Marty Smith in Google = me & on

Get Social Health Interview

Here is how Janet Kennedy from set up our interview earlier in the week:

Martin (Marty) Smith is a serial entrepreneur and founder of an exciting initiative: Tech Cures Cancer Fund at the University of North Carolina Lineberger Cancer Center. He is also the founder of, one of the first crowdfunding websites for cancer research, working with five leading cancer research centers. He is also the founder and CEO of, a company whose marketing tools help SMBs curate and gamify content marketing to create profitable and sustainable online community. Oh, and he is also battling cancer.

Marty talks to Get Social Health about the radical change in his life when he heard the words cancer and his name in the same sentence. Realizing that he didn’t have the support group he needed to undergo an intensive cancer treatment he turned to the thing he knew best, the internet, and made his health journey public via social media. Rather than accept his situation as out of his control Marty made it his mission to raise funds for cancer research. The first challenge he undertook was a bicycle trip across the US that raised awareness of cancer known as “Martin’s Ride to Cure Cancer.” As he has battled his chronic case of Lymphocytic Leukemia he continued to challenge himself as a fundraiser and internet visionary by creating not one but two crowd funding foundations to support cancer research.

Listen to Marty’s story and tell me you are not amazed at his dedication, tenacity and resiliency.

Was glad to have the chance to speak with a good friend about Curagami, the startup journey and curing cancer. Next up is to create a “How To Create Community” podcast sharing important lessons we’ve learned developing Curagami.

The Truth About SEO The Illusion of PPC and E-Mail Success
The Truth About SEO
The Illusion of PPC and E-Mail Success

About the author: Martin Smith
Marty is a cancer survivor, 15 year Internet marketer after consumer products goods marketing & sales training with P&G, M&M/Mars & NutraSweet. He started 4 companies including Found Objects, Dada Box, Scenttrail Marketing & Curagami.


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