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Social Media Conversations Are HERE – You In?

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Downloading the Vocus paper Monitoring The Social Media Conversation: From Facebook to Twitter via CIO Whie Papers is a pain. The paper helps explain what Curagami is all about. The paper has a PR slant, but its an important read for any and all Internet marketers:

The prevalence of social media has not just grown but exploded. Millions of conversations are taking place online.Company reputations are being made or harmed hourly… and all in 140 characters.
Great description of why we are creating Curagami.

The Institute of Public Relation’s recent study, “An Analysis of the Increasing Impact of Social and Other New Media on Public Relations Practice,” shows a changing landscape with a big GAP:

  • 88% believe blogs and social media have made communications more instantaneous.
  • 73% believe blogs and social media changed the way they communicate and interact with customers.
  • 90% of respondents encourage use of research to measure how blogs & social media impact their organizations, but only about one-third (39%) say their companies actually are conducting this research.

We know that last bullet well. The gap between DOING/KNOWING is significant. 90% say ROI and impact research is critical yet only 39% are actively conducting the research. Don’t blame content or social media marketers. Tools needed to easily “research” and test ROI impact aren’t prevalent.

Sitting on the OUTSIDE looking in to the crucible of content and social marketing it is hard to know how to help. Curagami is being created by a team of skilled ecommerce merchants, social and content marketers. We know how scary the DOING/KNOWING is since it is akin to rolling dice and betting your job and career on every toss. Our Internet marketing friends intuitively know content and social media marketing are a must even if they lack tools to explain why to C level executives.

Curagami VALIDATES Internet marketers’ intuition. Curagami creates an objective testing based explanation of social and content marketing C-level executives can embrace and support.

Social Media & Content: The Show That Never Ends

The most important thing to understand about Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media networks is the conversations are taking place with or without your participation. As a PR professional, you can’t miss the opportunity to keep your organization’s voice in the discussion.

With company perceptions flooding the Internet, it is now possible to get insight into all aspects of an organization through monitoring both online and offline media. Reputation management has grown in importance as one single post or comment has gained the ability to either boost or collapse company perception. The Internet has also made it possible to track your reputation and that of your competition too.
Monitoring The Social Media Conversation: From Facebook to Twitter
Vocus = author, emphasis mine

Vocus goes on to share advantages those tuned to social media, content marketing and ORM (Online Reputation Management) garner:

  • Competitive Analysis To Avoid Surprises.
  • Monitor and Include Industry Experts.
  • Track Message and Reach To Become a BETTER Content Marketer.
  • Foster Relationships With Current & Potential Customers.

We love this list!

Fostering relationships with current and potential customers is one of our favorite CSFs (Critical Success Factors). Early in our Curagami journey Phil asked, “What if we could know our customers as well as we did our friends in school”. During our journey we discovered a critical social media truth – the most powerful content on any website is THEIRS not YOURS.

User Generated Content (UGC) has a 100x greater chance of being shared and creating the trust needed (see Millennials Trust User Generated Content 50% More Than Other Data on Mashable). What do you do when someone features your content in a Paper.li or on their bog or site? You THANK them on social media and your thank you brings your friends to their site. When your friends share with their friends content being shared enters the mythical kingdom called Friends of Friends.

Friends of friends is the new advertising. Soon Friends of Friends may be the ONLY advertising.

Crowdtested Content

Curagami doesn’t just monitor content we BRING IT. Our proprietary algorithms scour the web. We’ve instructed these “smart bots” how to look for the “best content”. Best varies by customer and business vertical. When Neil Young launches a new high fidelity iTunes called Pono making $42M in two days and over $6M total Moon Audio, our audiophile headphones Curagami beta partner needs to learn from and participate in Neil Young’s new “music”.

When conversations are LARGE and IN CHARGE not having them on your website lowers authority and conversions. When Moon Audio asks their audiophile customers to weigh in on Pono they sell more headphones and Silver Dragon headphone cables today AND tomorrow (when Pono ships).

Curagami helps Moon Audio “test before they test”.

  1. Curagami BRINGs buzzing content.
  2. Curagami asks Moon Audio’s audiophile customers discuss, comment and share their thoughts on Pono.
  3. Our dashboard provides a single metric called Curagami Velocity (social / money).
  4. Curagam’si Business Rule Engine watches so the tool can adjust the amount of “human” curation required.
  5. Curagami customers receive MORE engagment. conversions loyalty and money from LESS work.

The more we wind Curagami’s engine the easier and faster our customers enter the other mythical land – the land of GET MORE by DOING LESS.

Curagami Creates Community

Curagami’s real magic may be in what you don’t see. Each conversation, dashboard and curation improves relationships with new and potential customers as Vocus notes in Monitoring The Social Media Conversation. Curagami is helping our customers LISTEN to customers.

The more of THEIR content a Curagami partner curates to their website the more community is built. Community creates scale – tall castle walls with deep moats. We build sand castles on the beach and the tide is coming in. Curagami Community creates tiny advantage. Tiny advantage becomes scale.

Scale turns into tiny advantage and so on to infinity. Don’t try to invade Russia in the winter or win a war like Internet marketing with one dramatic overly bold gesture. Find a tiny advantage, bank it, find the next one.

And I’m not sure I’ve written a better Curagami mission statement.

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