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Personal Profiles Done right is about how one of the biggest media companies is within inches of havig personal profiles done right. “Who else is doing it,” is a question Curagami, our Startup Factory funded company in Durham, North Carolina, receives daily. We attempt to explain why asking who is doing it now is the wrong question asked in the wrong way when asked this question.

Most potential clients look at us as if we were trying to sell them a used car.

We aren’t trying to sell a used car when we hop up on or soapbox and talk about Community In A Box. We are evangelicals. We live to see, preach and spread the word. In 2003 when we were shouting at the moon about content marketing NO ONE CARED. Now everyone cares, and it is too late.

Content will always be important, but being the 5,000,000th website to start creatign great content means you won’t build much of an audience.The great pomise of content marketing, a promise some still believe, was, “Build it and they will come”. Not so much anymore. Read Mark Schaefer’s Content Shock for more on why.

Forbes is CLOSE to having the perfect personal profile. Personal profile are the KEY to creating online community, to gettign in on the community land rush we described in Community Shock Is Coming. I can’t link to my personal profile on Forbes and that is a BIG BUMMER.

The purpose of a profile is to summarize what I do, follow and like on or Forbes has that part almost right too with the easy following of TOPICS and PEOPLE. They don’t make it clear how I can blog within the environment and that too is a shortcoming, but the BIG BUMMER is in not having as a shareable profile.

Half the value in creating personal profiles for your customers, readers, and writers is in the share. If I had a public facing Forbes profile, I would be linking it here. As it is I suggest your signup for a account because they are doing personal profiles right and that is about to be very, very important for you to get right too.

You heard it here first :). Marty


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