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Curagmai’s Overwhelmed By Marketing Sweepstakes

Want to feel less overwhelmed by Internet marketing? Do three things NOW:

  • Share your story by using the form below.
  • Tell your friends about our “Overwhelmed Sweepstakes” on social media use #IMoverwhelmed.
  • Remember Einstein’s most famous formula – the only wrong idea in Internet marketing is not playing everything else is all good always somehow. Okay so maybe that was Phil that said it (same color hair lol).

Best Overwhelmed Story Prize

Best Overwhelmed By Marketing Story wins 10 hours of Internet marketing consulting from team Curagami ($1,500 value):

  • Generate your site’s “Curagami Score”.
  • Create and share a Curagami Competition Analysis.
  • Create Curagami “Short Stack” Keyword Analysis.
  • Create Curagami “Low Hanging Fruit” Content Map.
  • Create and Share Curagami Conversion Analysis.
  • Understand how Curagami’s Surfer, Builder and Bullpen could help.
  • Make 3 SEO & Content Marketing Recommendations to do TOMORROW.
  • Make 5 SEO & Content Marketing Recommendations to change by end of the year.
  • Provide a cost / benefit estimate for each prioritized suggestion.

Team Curagami – Phil Buckley, Marty Smith, Jarrod Swart
PS. I’m donating $100 to Tech Cures Cancer Fund at UNC Lineberger Cancer Center for every completed “Overwhelmed Form” up to $5K, so feel less overwhelmed and help cure cancer :). M

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Overwhelmed by Internet marketing? You are not alone:

janetkennedy Janet Kennedy shared on G+ Thank you for explaining this is such great detail +Martin W. Smith and for your insight +Phil Buckley – Sometimes I am over whelmed with what I need to know to be succesful in the internet. Then I realize I have great friends who do know more than me and in this “sharing economy” the most important thing is to share knowledge and friendship. Thank you.