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Once Upon A Time In A Kingdom Called Branding

Once Upon A time in the kingdom called BRANDING ruled by the SEO King businesses in the SMB Clan used search engines to create relationships with people in the Customer Clan.

Everyday, hard working people in the SMB (Small to Medium Sized Businesses) Clan spent money and time optimizing, implementing and worrying about strange concepts such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and email marketing.

These concepts were “strange” because they didn’t occur naturally. Businesses in the SMB Clan survived a long time before these new ideas and tools. One day everything changed. Word-of-mouth alone wasn’t enough to secure a future.

“Every business clan must have websites or be untrusted and so banished,”. the SEO King ruled.

Everyone in the SMB clan created websites. For a time the Customer Clan rejoiced and felt their lives was improved by the SEO King’s decree…

But the SEO King’s decree brought many unintended consequences such as:

  • Special guides or “wizards” were required to explain strange new concepts.
  • These “special guides” became a clan.
  • The SEO Clan, like all clans, became resistant to change.
  • Magic, or the perception of magic, by the SMB and Customer clans, made these wizards increasingly powerful.
  • As it has always been, a little power is a DANGEROUS thing.

One day a rival king arrived with an invincible invading army. “You must bow to the King of Social Media,” the new king proclaimed. Every person in the now conquered Branding Kingdom thought, “Here we go again”.

“Everything you’ve worked hard, sacrificed for and shared is now invalid,” the Social Media King wrote on parchment and the knight known as Facebook nailed the Social Media King’s proclamation to the SEO church door (where it was rumored the knight called Google was hiding).

Predictably a new clan Social Media Wizards arose.

“Don’t despair, we have new magic,” this new clan proclaimed. Everyone in the Customer Clan and the SMB Clan listened, tried to understand and, for a little while, did as they were ordered. A long hard walk on a new path began.

What choice did subjects of this new and powerful king have? The Social Media King proclaimed it, wrote his proclamation on parchment and the knight known as Facebook nailed it to the SEO church door. Life didn’t get much more serious than that in the Branding Kingdom once upon a time.

One day the Customer Clan (online shoppers) became overwhelmed. They stopped listening. They took matters into their own hands. Yes, they agreed, we need to use the King of SEO’s and the King of Social Media’s tools, but HOW and WHY we use tools is always up to US.

“No KING can rule the hearts and minds of our Branding kingdom for long,” the Customer Clan rebels proclaimed.

Using tools once mandated by the SEO King, the Social Media King and borrowing tools called “smartphones” and “pads” from the neighboring Mobility Kingdom the Customer Clan started a revolution. Members of the Customer Clan¬†started sharing and talking. Reviews, pictures, and conversations flooded the Branding Kingdom.

The SMB Clan was now being attacked from above and below. Kings of SEO and Social Media demanded things that could hurt the SMB Clan’s relationship with the Customer Clan.

One day a small group of SMB Clan members began a revolution of their own.

United in their desire to CRUSH the SMB Clan’s rebellion Kings of SEO, Social Media and Mobility united. Just in the nick of time a new clan called Startups smiled and said, “Don’t worry,” to the nearly defeated SMB Clan rebels.

“Why shouldn’t we worry, worrying has been a full-time job for the last few years,” a member of the SMB Clan asked. Smiling once again a tall member of the Startup Clan stood up and said, “Don’t worry because you should never bring a catapult to a machine gun fight,” he said.

“What is a ‘machine gun'”, the SMB Clan member asked. “We have many machine guns now, and we have one called Curagami capable of protecting your relationship with the Customer Clan while keeping kings off your back, want to know more,” the Startup Clan’s member said smiling again.

“What bullets does this new ‘machine gun’ called Curagami fire,” one curious SMB Rebel asked. “Conversations,” was the single answer. “Conversations are the new LINKS,” the Startups Clan member explained as many SMB Clan members nodded.

If you would like to hear the REST our Curagami story, use the contact form below and we will be glad to discuss how Curagami can help your clan know more about your Customer Clan while keeping kings off your back.

& remember never bring a catapult to a machine gun fight – team Curagami :).