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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
science fiction writer and visionary Arthur C. Clarke

BOOM Goes The Web & Me

“$5,000 is the lowest we can go,” the web development agency guy said. It was the late 1990s. Janet McKean and I needed a website to support the specialty gift company we quit our corporate jobs to start. We also needed to EAT. We didn’t have $50 much less $5,000 1999 dollars (so call it $10K today).

So I sat in front of a computer and learned HTML and web design. This wasn’t my first affair with a computer, but suddenly my life BEFORE the web made sense. The web created a unifying context for… the strange mix art and science that is me (lol).

Here is the first website we launched in November, 1999.

Found Objects 1999 Design image

FoundObjects.com is gone (sadly). Those Mondrian lines, something easy to create with CSS today, almost killed me. FoundObects.com sold $86,000 during it’s first and only Christmas.

Born Again – Curagami

I left Found Objects to become a Director of Ecommerce running a soon to be multimillion dollar website with all the stress and worry that level of sales creates. Stress is created when you don’t have the TOOLS needed to really know what is working and why. If you think STRESS experienced then is why we are so interested in creating content curation and gamification tools now you win a cookie.

We saw a new tsunami coming – the new ecommerce – so it was time to start something again. This time we aren’t alone. We’ve received seed funding from Chris and Dave at The Startup Factory.

What Does Curagami Do?

I smile as I write. Past deer in headlights looks received trying to share our elevator pitch make me laugh a little. Now we know Curagami’s mission:

Inspire B2C Ecommerce merchants to love content curation, content marketing, gamification and creation of sustainable online community as much or more than we do.

How will we do that? Stare off into space a lot (lol), fail fast, furious and forward, price a revolution and ding the universe.



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