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Stop Solipsistic Marketing – 10 Tips

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Does Your Marketing Talk To Itself About Itself?

One impact of the social / mobile web is social conversations are the new links. Online marketers need to win hearts, minds and loyalty. Ecommerce merchants and B2B content marketers need to creating sustainable communities or face a log slow slog up a steep mountain.

What’s Your Curagami Score?

We are developing a new metric, a “Curagami Score” to help digital marketing teams know if they are talking to themselves about themslves. Since our test won’t be ready until next week we wanted to give readers of Curagami and Curatti a sneak peak sharing Tips 1 -5 on Curagami and tips 6 – 10 on Curatti where I’m a frequent “gust blogger”.

Stop Solipsism Tip #1:
Follow More Followers

One of our pet peeves is people who want large crowds of followers who don’t return the favor by following a solid % back. When you don’t follow back you send a “we don’t care about your side of the conversation we only care about ours” message. Intended or not for most online brands such snobbery doesn’t help win hearts and minds.

And, such social snobbery leaves a brand open to a “clean slate” brand attack. Clean Slate brands are new brands challenging traditional brands. One favotite attack is to be more social, to listen and curate customer content better than a 100 year old brand who may not know “listening” and “curating customer content” are important.

Stop Solipsism Tip #2:
Value and Curate User Generated Content (UGC)

Following back alone can be a hallow act. Best to assign a “customer curator” too. Customer curators find great customer shares on social media and thanks them (at the least), ReTweet and ReShares great customer content and rewards the magic 1% willing to contribute content

Amazing how often we use the 1%, 9%, 90% “Rule”:

  • 1% of visitors will contribute User Generated Content.
  • 9% will vote on content especially if shared by the 1%ers.
  • 90% are “readers” and so don’t take an active support role (though they are no less important since they keep traffic stats and conversions growing).

When you find something a customer created and share it you signal how important LISTENING is to your marketing. When you find your 1% GIVE THEM A JOB

Stop Solipsism Tip #3:
Find Your 1%ers & Give Them JOBS

You might call it a “loyalty program” or an “Ambassadors Program”, but one great way to talk less about yourself is to have “ambassadors” willing to talk for you. We suggest NOT paying your ambassadors.

Paying makes helping you and your online marketing a job. We suggest special profiles, social recognition and constant attention and appreciation. Read Daniel Pink’s book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us to know why money isn’t as important as recognition and resume fodder.

Stop Solipsism Tip #4:
Follow & Brand Customers

In Red Bull’s Branding Lessons: We Are All Media Companies Now on Curatti I shared a P&G TV ad from the 1950s juxtaposed to Red Bull’s branding of extreme User Generated Content (UGC). The distance marketing has come in 50 years couldn’t have been more glaringly clear.

Instead of creating a narrative and preaching its value to customers Red Bull watches what their customers do, they find amazing extreme and unbranded examles and they use the power of their brand to pluck surfers, extreme climbers, pop divas and surfers from obscurity by sharing their story. Reb Bull’s content creation makes them an authority on “extreme” anything. The power of their curation is it sends and unmistakable lesson – do something amazing and we may recognize you and make you “famous”.

The serendipity of Red Bull’s reality, they can only discover and promote a fraction of “extreme” artists, doesn’t lesson the aspirational “dream-catcher” value of the promise. Oh, and btw, the promise sells millions in energy drinks too.

Stop Solipsism Tip #5:
Gamify UGC

Red Bull’s gamification is subtle. Do something extreme, especially at a Red Bull sponsored event, and we will take and share the picture and your story. The promise of “featured” and “branded” is a game. The rules of the game are understood = normal or average need not apply.

In the Red Bull game EXTREME is a currency. You get on the board by WINNING and being more extreme than the next guy (or girl). Giving your 1%er Contributors ways to know where they stand is a useful form of gamification. If elit members contribute x content, y links and z social shares then a feedback loop is established. Its clear what I need to do if I want to be a “Top Contributor”

CAVEAT: Be careful about leaderboards. When you expose “scores” by individual the top of your board can seem so far out of reach that the

Stop Solipsistic Marketing Tips 6 -10 on Curatti.

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