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Get your Curagami ScoreWe created Curagami to answer a single vexing question.

What content should you create and why?

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Such a seemingly simple question has a complex answer.

Infinite is the amount of content you can seemingly create. Tiny is the amount of content you SHOULD create.

Tiny because content that wins hearts and minds, develops sustainable community and the loyalty you need will always be 5% or less of content you create.

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monster energy drinkThe best way to explain our Curagami Score Report is to show you one. Our Curagami Score Reports have 3 sections: Content, Community & Conversion. Here is an example of a report for Monster Energy Drink (note we changed some variables to % to share in public):

Curagami Score Report: Monster Energy

1. Content: Energy Drink Ecosystem
The first thing we look at it not only where you are against your competitors, but also how much of the field is unclaimed. That means it’s available to you without a head-on brand fight.
Curagami Score Pie

2. Content
One of the easiest ways to evaluate your content is to see if other domains are linking to you and how fast that number is growing.

Curagami Score Ecosystem chart

Link Efficiency Index (LEI)
We pioneered a new metric – Link Efficiency Index or LEI. Inbound links remains one of the most important predictor of acceptance by Google’s “new SEO” (Search Engine Optimization). Monster’s Curagami Score Report shows Red Bull is creating inbound links twice as fast as Monster.

Monster’s link creation is getting created off the “unclaimed” slice of the pie. Getting beat on LEI means Monster’s content:

  • Isn’t creating community as fast as Red Bull.
  • Isn’t being shared as much as Red Bull or the energy drink’s average.
  • Isn’t as present and available as Red Bull.

The last bullet is confirmed by three key SEO metrics:

  • Pagespread 458,000 (Monster) vs. 613,000 (Red Bull)
    • 34% advantage to Red Bull.
  • Referring Domains Linking 8,173 (Monster) vs. 31,517 (Red Bull)
    • 385% advantage to Red Bull.
  • Top 20 SEO Listings – 4,257 (Monster) vs. 15,634 (Red Bull)
    • 367% advantage to Red Bull.

At this point many marketers would run off to create MORE content. The problem is, it may or may not be a good idea for Monster to double down on what they are currently doing.

This is why our Curagami Score Reports have 2 more sections: Community & Conversion.

3. Community
Community evaluates overt and covert signals sent by Monster, Red Bull and the energy drink ecosystem. Just because everyone has a website and uses social media doesn’t mean either of those help branding, marketing, sales or are optimized to help. Here is what we found in our Curagami Score Report review of Monster:


  • Red Bull follows back 2.85% of followers.
  • Energy Drink Average follow back currently is 1.45%.
  • Monster follows back 0.05% of their followers.


  • Red Bull has a substantial investment in video and it shows with 3.5M subscribers.
  • Energy drink average is around 2M YouTube subscribers.
  • Monster has 475,000 subscribers or 754% below Red Bull.

red bullFacebook

  • Red Bull has 44 million likes vs. 24 million for Monster. 178% in favor of Red Bull (note how much closer FB is to other social nets).
  • “People Talking About This”: 362K vs. 242K still favors Red Bull, but only by 49%.
  • “People Talking About This” on a % basis favors Monster (.98% vs. .82% for the bull).

Monster can’t win  social fight. Red Bull has the high ground. Success will require an asynchronous approach. Our third section of our Curagami Score Report: Conversion explores asynchronous ways Monster could turn the online energy drink ecosystem on its head.

3. Conversion

Almost every Internet marketing team we work with would have a single reaction to Monster’s Curgami Score Report – they would double down, roll up their sleeves and work harder. I wish we lived in a time when such earnest effort mattered, but we just don’t live in that time. We live in a time when sites, brands and companies who do the EFFICIENT things win “prime mover” (he who moves first gets the most) benefits.

Prime mover benefits, thanks to the many positive “engines” a brand like Red Bull creates daily, can last a lifetime, unless a competitor redefines the space.

Inside of our Curgami Score Report is a “Community Rating”. Community ratings look for essential online community pillars:

  • Creation Story – Who Are YOU (About page should map core values and tell a story referred to over and over).
  • Information Parity – Site helps visitors knows as much as you know.
  • Customer Segmentation – Site creates content paths for specific personas such as New, Learning, Expert.
  • Authoritative Content – Become the expert for your entire business segment.
  • User Generated Content (UGC) – Must be valued by actively curating content and rewarded via gamification.
  • Intra-Tribe Following & Communication – Followers can easily communicate with sponsors and fellow tribe members.
  • Gamification – Defined system of rewards that may include “jobs” so community begins to scale and take over.
  • Movements Not Campaigns – Umbrella ideas that incorporate major calendar events but whose genesis you can own.
  • Enterprise Crowdfunding – Is the site or brand helping customers realize dreams with their assistance and support?
  • Ambassadors – Is there an active “Ambassador” group willing to sacrifice to promote and contribute to the site / brand?
  • Ambassador Tools – Do Ambassadors have tools needed to advocate (tools such as graphics, profiles, logins).

The Curgami “community” engine reviews these and other parameters and then gives each site a grade.

Red Bull does an astonishing job in some of the variables that create and sustain online community such as Creation Story and Authoritative Content. Even Red Bull, with all its multi-channel publishing muscle doesn’t segment, gamify or leverage intra-tribe communication.

Report Card BlankRed Bull Curagami Commnity Score: B
Monster Curagami Community Score: C-

Now we know COMMUNITY and not CONTENT is the best “attack point” for Monster. The temptation to build will be most Type-A Internet marketers’ choice. There are a lot of things to build, but HOW online community is built is as important as building one. We suggest Monster start at the bottom of the list above. Start by creating an “Ambassadors” program.

Monster isn’t new. They have more than a million 24M Facebook likes and 1.3M followers on Twitter so they can jump right in. Their “ASK” for Ambassadors will be oversubscribed. If your site is new you may need to run our Curgami Tool Suite before asking for Ambassadors. If your site is and has been one sided (you talk to them) asking for help may land flat. This is why our Curgami Tool Suite includes a variety of “Swiss-Army-Knife-like” tools including:

  • Curagami Score Report.
  • Curagami External Conversations Board (to create authority in your business vertical).
  • Curagami Internal Conversations Boards (crowdsourcing content creation).
  • Curagami Should We Board (treats merchandise like Threadless gaining social commitment before dollars are spent).
  • Curagami Enterprise Crowdfunding (helps cusotomers realize dreams and helps lower content creation and merchandising costs).

If monster were our account we would probably move right to testing Curagami Enterprise Crowdfunding. There are many “foodie” and “healthy” entrepreneurs out there. By creating a Curgami Ask around “live your energy drink dreams” content Monster’s User Generated Content values go up FAST. By being first to view the energy drink space as a curator and not as a branded manufacturer Monster would begin to win the “Authority” high ground – at least in the “energy drink crowdfunding” space.

Look to WIN something small. Win another small victory and then another and another before attacking a castle (or a bull) such as Red Bull. We NEVER test a single idea either. Creation of an Ambassadors program, following back more (to signal the truth of all of these suggestions) and creating repeatable contests and games (repeatable as in annual) would hedge our enterprise crowdfunding suggestion.

Creation of a Curgami Score Report makes developing new Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) easier. Baselines for key metrics such as Link Efficiency (LE) and other unique metrics are established (by creation of the report). We have other proprietary and unique metrics such as Conversational Klout Scores (CKS identifies content more or less likely to provide ROI) and Social Velocity (social shares / money) help Monster or any other customer create asynchronous ideas to test.

If you don’t define success you don’t know when you get there. Content marketing is a Critical Success Factor for online merchants and B2B brands.

Curgami helps marketers like you know exactly where to start. A Curagami Score Report, much like this example, is designed to give you insights, ideas, metrics and hope.

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