Creating Online Community Is Like Game of Thrones

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What can Game of Thrones teach us about building online community?

Game of Thrones is perfect analogy for building online community because…

Online Community Is…
* Always under attack.
* Full of surprises, vicious attacks come from least expected sources.
* A place where surprise is rarely GOOD news.
* A “kingdom” where a little bit of power is a DANGEROUS thing.
* A state of mind where What you THINK is valuable rarely is.
* A state of mind where What you think is WORTHLESS rarely is.
* Strange because time accelerates some changes, slows down others.
* Where having 1 Fire Breathing Dragon is GOOD, 3 is Better.
* A place where today’s STORM is tomorrow calm before the storm.

The web is never static. Everyday is a game and you either won or gained ground / power today. You will either win or lose power / ground tomorrow. What seems FAST today is tomorrow’s slow. What seems important today is tomorrow’s inconsequential trivia.

The only “asset” that can be defended now is online community. Intellectual property is a myth. You, your website and brands are only as strong as the love you create online. Online love properly curated becomes community. Community properly curated becomes scale. Scale properly curated becomes TIME and SPACE.

When you evaluate a competitor and they have 10x your number of social LIKES then think about the gap as an expression of TIME. If it will take a year or two to get even your next question should always be, “Is getting even worth it”. In most cases “getting even” can’t provide return.

Since the only sure thing is change “catching up” rarely creates as much value as LEADING. I would rather LEAD the charge on 100 “long tail” search terms than be on page 99 for anything.

Successful #Internetmarketing sees a “long tail” in everything. Lead something. Create something. Own something. Be passionate about something. Then, Game of Thrones-like, build on what you own (no matter how small) and remember WINTER IS COMING.

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