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Hack Your Headphones

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Brilliant DIY Marketing

Hack Your Headphones: Brilliant DIY Marketing on the Moon

Friends at Moon-Audio.com got it right with their Hack-Your-Headphones idea. Headphones aren’t accessories anymore.

In the cubicle farms, coffee shops and airports we work in these days headphones are a concentration necessity. Why do you think Apple paid $3B for Beats? Wish they’d paid for better sounding cans (headphones).

My friends Drew and Nichole Baird are creating a great company. Moon-Audio.com doesn’t sell headphones as an end unto themselves. Moon sells cables, called Dragons, that make even the best sounding headphones do the impossible and sound better.

I asked Drew why one day more than a year ago. I didn’t understand most of Drew’s answer. Cables aren’t the focus or priority for headphone manufacturers that they are for the singularly obsessed former Penn State engineer and DJ Drew Baird.

Not long after graduation and starting a family, Drew and Nichole have three daughters now, Drew wanted great sounding cables for a reasonable price. When he couldn’t find any he made some giving away his leftovers to friends. When rave reviews came in Drew saw the proverbial lightbulb and Moon Audio was born.

Brilliant DIY Marketing

Here’s the important BIG IDEA to steal from Moon-Audio.com. Find ways to make your products and services malleable. How can your customers collaborate with you to get what they want?

When customers collaborate their emotional and social investment goes up.When social and emotional investments increase then your content, products and site receive more shares, “talking about” and links. The key to great search engine support these days, SEO, is social shares and links.

If you have what customers are talking about,love so much they tell others and want to advocate and help by becoming part of your “proprietary audience” then your online marketing wins. Read Mark Schaefer’s Content Code for more on proprietary audience.

Oh, and don’t forget to make a great product. Moon-Audio.com hasn’t forgotten how much easier it is to scale something great that ONLY YOU own and neither should you.

3 Ways To Hack

Moon Audio provides 3 ways for customers to “hack” their headphones:

  • Buy Branded Hacks
  • Buy Cable & DIY the Hack
  • Mail in & Moon Hacks

Customers can choose high-end cans Moon-Audio has “hacked” with Silver, Black or Blue Dragon cables. My Fostex TH900 headphones had a dropdown menu where I selected Silver Dragon cables and the right connection to listen with my Apple laptop. My Shure SE846s had easy to replace cables so I purchased Silver Dragon for Shure Earphones. I even mailed in an old pair of Beats, purchased before I knew better, and Drew made them sound better.

Moon Audio’s flexibility and willingness to help customers make their cans sound as sweet as those recording engineers listen to is winning DIY marketing you should steal.

tDragons Audio Cables Review

Drew’s Dragons are made from the highest quality copper, silver and insulators. Drew and his team’s care in hand crafting each cable in their Cary, NC office is why your headphones, earphones and in-ear-monitors will never sound as good UNLESS equipped with dragons.

I lived the truth of the claim. I listened to music on my Shure SE846 earphones for a year before switching to Silver Dragon cables. Even BEFORE “burn in”, the period it takes cables to sound their best usually 100 hours or so, my Shure earphones sounded so much better.

The soundstage was wider yet more intimate. I know those are contradictory ideas, but the music felt warmer and seemed to surround me with the impression the musician was in my head or living room.

Clear as a ringing bell at a Buddhist monastery near Everest my Dragons made music come alive. New clarity especially in quiet moments during a Keith Jarrett piano concert, during Glen Gould’s humming to Bach, and even Led Zeppelin’s “Tangerine” sounded fresh, new and amazing.

Drew and Nichole are friends. Friends who let me listen to GREAT headphones such as

I liked Fostex’s closed back design, but Drew shares more open and closed back favorite headphones in their recent Better Music Back-To-School event.

Best Headphones image

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