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Mark Traphagen Great Curator and GPlus Guru on CrowdFunde3 Words (About) Deep, Dependable, Dedicated
Curates (4 Words or phrases) G+, Guru, Expert, Leader
Lives In Durham, NC

Why We Love ‘Em
Mark is a fellow cancer survivor and good friend. I’m lucky enough to live in Durham and work with one of Mark’s closest friends (Phil Buckley). Mark is a “deep expert” curator. His knowledge of GPlus runs DEEP.

Some experts lose the ability to connect. Not Mark. Mark’s ability to explain even the most arcane Google authorship or SEO concepts have him in constant demand on the speaker circuit. Seems every week Mark is somewhere talking to a conference about the many benefis of GPlus. I won’t go into why I concur with Mark’s read on GPlus, but will say following Mark is a MUST if you want to keep up with Google, GPlus and What’s Next.

Marty’s Favorite Thing

My favorite thing about Mark is his selfless generosity. There is something about surviving the Big C that makes you want to give back. Mark is constantly advocating, sharing and trying to help others. I’ve been the recipient of Mark’s amazing support, encouragement and links. More than half of my followers on GPlus can directly from Mark and they are great people. Mark, as one of the top G+ Gurus in the world, is in constant demand. That his dance card is more than full never stops Mark from finding ways to help his friends. I’m LUCKY to count myself as one of his friends and I’m smarter and better because of it.