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Great Curator Profile – Cendrine Marrouat

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Cendrine Marrouat one of 50 Great Content Curators

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Cendrine Marrouat Top Curator on CrowdFunde3 Words (About) Wonderful, Wonky, Writer
Curates (4 Words or phrases) leader, hard working educator, joyful, fun
Lives In: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Why We Love ‘Em
Yesterday Cendrine honored CrowdFunde co-founder Marty Smith as one of her 5 Social Media Pros You Should Follow. Here is some of what Cendrine wrote about Marty:

I hold Martin in high regard for three reasons. 1) He is one of the best curators in the world. 2) Despite his incredible knowledge, he is very humble. 3) He uses social media to make the world a better place.

We quote Cendrine because we feel much the same about her. Like so many journalists Cendrine is looking for a new home and boy has she found it. Her ability to find and explain complex content is amazing. Complex isn’t the only thing Cendrine does. Her tone is purposeful but fun and playful too.

Cendrine is testimony to the power of a distinct voice and hard work. Stories matter. Stories are how we learn and Cendrine shares great stories across a variety of places, tools and networks. She may be absent for a few days here and there as she teaches Internet marketing or French, but NO ONE we know works harder, writes better or more.

Cendrine made Marty’s month yesterday and we hope she knows how much team CrowdFunde loves, respects and admires her. Cendrine is hardest working band in content marketing. We hope Cendrine rolls on, stays on tour and keeps helping us understand our complicated world better… in multiple languages.

Marty’s Favorite Thing
I like how HARD Cendrine works and how brilliant all her hard work is. Most of the smart people we know expect to work less thanks to their smarts. Cendrine doesn’t make that mistake. She works HARD, listens incredibly well, learns and then works harder.

Get smarter to work harder is one of the defining characteristics for EVERYONE we know who is an amazing Internet marketer (and I happen to be sitting at the table with two of them right now Phil Buckley and our friend Mark Traphagen).

Great IMers use intelligence to OPEN up more time to work harder so they become smarter – the Internet marketers “virtual cycle” (or hamster wheel lol). The web and Internet marketing move fast. Conclusions that feel “right” create more work.

We know one undeniable and important online marketing truth – what is working now is gone. What is working now will work less this afternoon, less tomorrow, less next week.

Bedouin tent
Bedouin tent

We lucky few Internet Marketers are Bedouin traveling from one desert camp to another. Cendrine is one of the best Bedouin we know. We are glad whenever she stops by on her virtual journey to share a cup of tea, discuss the weather, provide encouragement and inspiration as she did yesterday with 5 Social Media Pros You Should Follow. You should follow Cendrine for every reason she shared about me (as they all apply to her as well). Cool, smart Bedouin aren’t that easy to find these days. Marty