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Ana Cristina Pratas Top Curator on CrowdFunde3 Words (About) Excellent, Effusive, Educator
Curates (4 Words or phrases) leader, educator, joyful, fun
Lives In United Arab Emirates

Why We Love ‘Em
Ever interact with someone that adds energy and joy to your life? You just described what its like to follow, learn from and be part of Ana Cristina’s world. Ana Cristina is a great example of a major trend – educators are leading content curators.

Ana Cristina crested the 1M view mark on not long after Robin Good and that amazing achievement is testimony to Ana Cristina’s creative content curation and the growing importance of content curation to education. I scooped a post about the kind of “deep learning” content curation can create. Not news to Ana Cristina and her army of fans and fellow educators.

Marty’s Favorite Thing
Ana Cristina may have bad moods, we all do, but every interaction I’ve ever had the pleasure of having has been joyful, fun and informative. Ana Cristina is a GREAT teacher because she walks so softly you may not be aware she is in your head. Trust me she is and its all good. You will be a better YOU after even the most casual interaction. If you are an educator Ana Cristina is a standard bearer of your revolution. The line between educators and Internet marketers in content curation is thin and becoming thinner. Highly recommend following Ana Cristina to my Internet marketing tribe. Sometimes it is easy to learn about what we do for a living from “pros from Dover” educators like Ana Cristina.