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Jan Gordon Top Curator on CrowdFunde3 Words (About) Prescient, Parallax, Paradigm
Curates (4 Words or phrases) Editor of Chaos, Guide, Teacher, Psychologist
Lives In NYC

Why We Love ‘Em
Jan knows stuff before you. She could keep such valuable secrets to herself. She does not. Instead she shares her vision, understanding and ideas with a waiting world of followers.

Collaborative sharing is a or should be a BIG part of any “Great Curators” process, but you would be amazed at how many hoarders exist in the content curation space. Not Jan.

Match Jan’s ability to be 5 minutes ahead with her facility for language and the psychology of language and you get Curatti – Editors of Chaos. I write for, Jan’s great blog. Once again Jan is 5 minutes ahead on several fronts including:

  • Importance of creating multi-author blogs.
  • Curation as the next web revolution.
  • Content quality ad the core of that revolution.

One of my favorite Curatti posts is about why there is a Curatti in our future. If you want to stare into Jan’s crystal ball and be five minutes ahead she is a #mustfollow and one of our 50 Great Curators.

Marty’s Favorite Thing

Not too many people I want inside my writing other than a good editor. Jan is the exception. She can change whatever she wants whenever she wants because when she does modify engagement goes UP. Jan’s ability to shape content may be related to her displacement in time, remember she is 5 minutes ahead of us. Wherever it comes from Jan’s ability to shape, contour, anticipate and restructure content makes it more viral, increases engagement and means when Jan offers training on content curation or content marketing you should take it.

Red Bull’s Branding Lesson – Why We Are All Media Companies Now went uber-viral (potential audience now close to half a million thanks to shares) thanks to Jan’s prescient paradigm shifting talents. Whenever I write a post that gains engagement and audience like Red Bull my first reaction is always, “That was fun, let’s do it again”. Curatti Editors of Chaos will create uber-viral content again and again is my 5 minute ahead prediction. Can you afford to be anything BUT 5 minutes ahead? Easy to see why Jan Gordon is one of our 50 Great Content Curators.