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Ally Greer Top Curator on CrowdFunde3 Words (About) Smart, Snappy, Singular
Curates (4 Words or phrases) Energy, Smart, Fast, Dedicated
Lives In San Francisco

Why We Love ‘Em
Being a “Community Manager” for a startup with over a million users, passed that mark last week, is about the hardest job in the world and Ally does it with amazing energy, great focus and fun. Read her great post, “Learnings From 2 Years As’s Community Manager” to hear her unique voice learn from her experience. You will also hear the infectious laughter, ubiquitous smile and the kind of energy we envy. If we are all in the community business now whether we realize it or not then Ally becomes a critical #mustfollow. Her life revolves around issues we all face such as:

  • Creating engagement.
  • Curating content across a diverse group to “normalize” the best things about the experience.
  • Identifying’s 1%ers willing to help with the Wiki-izaiton of their marketing.
  • Empowering and informing the 1%ers so they become “ambassadors” for the CAUSE.
  • Sharing what she learns from the community she manages with C level to keep the ship pointed into the wind.

You may notice the difficult and sometimes mutually exclusive role any community manager plays. Ally knows how to encourage, engage and support while reporting, defining and articulating for her management team. Helps to have a GREAT team and she does. You can’t be idiots and have 1M people in your community. The strange balance our new world requires between enough ego to CREATE and not so much that you push collaborators away is a talent Ally has (amazing considering she was just in college like yesterday). Ally reminds me that her generation THINKS different than mine (faster, more technical and broader faster) and that’s not only okay its welcomed. Ally’s articulate sharing of the business we are all in, community building, can help any lucky few Internet marketer be better.

Marty’s Favorite Thing
Ally’s energy is my favorite thing. She is NONSTOP amazing. She is present weekends and holidays, sharing, talking and recommending. Many have energy and I can remember when I did (lol), but to apply energy without quality loss is the key. Ally’s middle of the night and weekend shares rock as much as her 9 to 5. In fact I don’t think she creates must distinction between work and play. What a great and infectious attitude I wish I learned 30 years ago (lol). Rock on Ally and thanks for all of your help, support and guidance.