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Cyber Monday on the Moon

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Cyber Monday 2016 is a big deal at Moon-Audio.com. We live on the MOON; our passion is headphones, DACs and IEMs, so anything “cyber” is near and dear to our hearts and ears. This Cyber Monday features treats for your ears, hearts, and minds.

  • The Astell & Kern “Girls” In-Ear Monitors (Layla, Rosie, Angie, Roxanne) are on SALE!
  • Chord’s Little Powerful Mojo DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) is having a MANIA.
  • Focal Utopia and Elear are HERE and NOW.
  • How often can you STICK it to the HIFIMAN with $500 Off? Answer: Never Before!

The Girls are Alright and on a never before seen sale – A&K’s girls that is. We’ve got a MANIA for Chord’s Mojo Digital to Analog Converter (DAC). The most exciting new headphones our founder Drew Baird has heard this year come from France and we got ’em (first come, first served while they last). STICK IT TO THE MAN with up to $500 off HifiMan cans. We end Cyber Monday on the Moon with the best $500 pair of In-Ear Monitors you can buy – the Shure SE535. Buy the RED Shures, and you’ll think about Christmas when you travel, run or rock.

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