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New Name for CrowdFunde

The more we worked our ideas and new tool the more the name I created to start this journey doesn’t work. The “new content marketing & community” tool we are creating helps websites connect the top of their conversion funnel, where traffic goes in, to the bottom, where traffic converts.

Our tool gives content marketers a running start because it taps the conversational power of social media and adds the gamification of a smartphone app.We like to say, “Own the conversation, own the traffic” and we need a name that says that too.

Our new tool helps websites and content marketers generate User Generated Content (UGC) and create community by:

  • Hosting highly relevant and engaging conversations.
  • Creating and sharing a dashboard of metrics to connect Traffic to Conversion and Revenue.
  • Helping websites realize networks that, in many cases, is present but dormant.
  • Increases list size.
  • Increases site heuristic measures (time on site, pages viewed, increased return traffic).
  • Identifies a websites 1% Contributors, 9% Supporters and 90% Readers.
  • Gamifies relationships with customers creating more “visit” and “conversion” occasions.
  • Helps form online community via Story, Authority and User Generated Content (UGC).
  • Helps website managers become effective content curators and so better content marketers.

We could go on, but you get the idea. CrowdFunde worked when crowdfunding was the only or primary content. Our new tool casts a wider net and so needs a new name. We would love to have your feedback and suggestions. If you suggest a name please make sure it is available in .com, .net and .org (because we don’t like to have to buy back domain names we make popular because we’ve been there and done that).

So, we need a new name.

Crowdsourcing Our New Name
We shared some new names on a poll and no one seems to LOVE them, so we need to tap your brain and the brains of your friends to find a cool new name. We are a startup and can’t afford to pay a big fee to a creative group to find a name.

Frankly even if we could afford that we probably wouldn’t do it (lol). We prefer to work with PEOPLE and have never been let down by trusting in the kindness of strangers. I’m a cancer survivor and that trust got me across America on a bicycle, so finding a cool new name is easy.

Here is our task definition:

New name that communicates our content marketing, SEO, community and social shares benefits.

12 characters or less

.com URL must be available (if you find a great name you may want to register it and we will add your registration fees to our $500 Thank You check and arrange to transfer ownership).

Twitter handle must also be available

Thank You $500 personal check from Martin either sent to you or donated to the Story of Cancer Foundation to help cure cancer (this is my nonprofit foundation).

Rolling Deadline – finding a great name on deadline is hard, so we aren’t going to stress. Cancer is stressful this is a walk in the park. Great names are much like great art, you know it when you hear it. The minute we hear it and confirm availability the contest is over and we will either mail a check or deposit to the winner’s paypal.

Legalese – This is a contest of skill not a sweepstakes. Some states or countries may ban this kid of a consulting contest. We can’t know every state and country regulation, so if banned please don’t apply.

Our decisions are final and we can’t refine the criteria much more than, “We will know a great name when we hear it”. We don’t OWN your name ideas UNTIL we pay you, so there can’t be any “damages”. Anyone anywhere in the world can make suggestions, but we are under NO OBLIGATION to accept a suggestion.

Please don’t make suggestions for names that you own but want more than $500 for. I’m already NOT using CrowdFunde corporate funds for this contest, so our funds are limited. If you feel like your name is worth much more than $500 then keep it and sell it when you can. We will give the marketer who helps create our new name credit via a profile page complete with outbound links.

The amount of legal STUFF related to names is substantial and we don’t have time or money for any of it, so if you want to help a startup we hope you will. If you want to make a million bucks from your name idea we aren’t in that business, but we wish you luck.

If you don’t want to “rent” the URL and we end up liking your name and it is available we ask you to TRUST that we will send you a check or make a paypal contribution. My brand is worth much more to me than $500 as it represents tens of thousands of hours in the building, so if we love your name and use it TRUST we aren’t going to not send you a check (that said and given the bot-nature of URLs we strongly suggest registering the name and letting us buy it from you).


  1. says

    Well the one name I have so far is over 12 characters but I am going to enter it till I think of something better. You can get the domain and Twitter. I would add The but I am trying to cut down on characters.

    • says

      Got ConnectDetect, long but not bad. Connect is tough as is “crowd” anything. Have to think so asynchronous that meaning gets blown away and then it sounds like you are trying too hard. I worked ConnectionPrinciple down to connectionprince and that isn’t bad (cool graphically). But not there yet. M

  2. says

    Oh Snap! Everything was humming along nicely until I discovered the Twitter dude from Hawaii with a whopping 2 friends and 2 followers and 22 tweets owns @SocialScribe so there ya go ::: chit fire!

  3. Burak says

    If interested I also thought of SocialSource…and I personally liked TheGreatCurate…. That could be


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