6 Reasons Content Curation Is Your Elephant

Martin Smith

Marty is a cancer survivor, 15 year Internet marketer after consumer products goods marketing & sales training with P&G, M&M/Mars & NutraSweet. He started 4 companies including Found Objects, Dada Box, Scenttrail Marketing & Curagami.

5 Responses

  1. Love, love, love this article Martin! Agreed on all counts!

    “Our advices is leave content creation to the mob. Focus on content curation instead to make more money faster, to build bigger and more engaged tribes and keep your job.” – This is such a thought-provoking statement!

  2. Martin Smith says:

    Thanks Cendrine. Going to quote your “Must Read” on social :). Thanks, Marty

  3. sallyannapt says:

    Nice article! We are definitely pro content curation. People may worry about sending other’s peoples content, but we advise to add annotation to those articles or an editorial note that establishes your brand voice to enhance brand authority and audience engagement.

    • Martin Smith says:


      Thanks for your comment and we agree. Attribution is key. We make it a point to attribute writers or sites or both and try to credit who helped us find the content too. On Scoop.it we are more concerned with credit back to the curator, but often credit curator and author. When we find cool stuff on a favorite site we are concerned with author credit. Thanks for the great comment. Marty

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