About Us: Martin (Marty) Smith

Martin Marty Smith CrowdFunde Curator

Founder, Curagami, Inc.

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Curator, Entrepreneur, Cancer-Survivor
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Startups, Marketing, Internet, Crowdfunding
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Durham, NC

email: Martin(at)Curagami.com Get Social Health Podcast
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What is Curagami?

Curagami is three things:

  • App developers for e-commerce merchants.
  • E-commerce, content marketing, social media and branding consultants.
  • Stuff we love  online retail store with partners such as Amazon and Moon-Audio.com.

We are working on this page currently. If you would like to learn more about Curagami read our founder Martin Marty Smith’s page.

Curagami’s Why

Sitting there watching Atlantic BT team members fly by on scooters I knew something important was changing. We’d published thousands of words for the southeast’s largest web development agency.

After spending 7 years as a Director of Ecommerce, another year riding a bicycle across America to raise funds for cancer research and to prove a cancer survivor (me) could make such a ride and finally several years with Jon Jordan’s company tectonic plates were moving.

It was time to start another company, my fourth. You’ve probably played with or used products from one of those companies. Ever play with magnetic words on a fridge or locker? That product was popularized by FoundObjects.com (now gone sadly).

We started Curagami.com to develop content curation and gamification apps to help e-commerce merchants. We were an online merchant.  We know how stressful it is to fly a play ever faster without the right instruments or dashboards. Curagmai is dedicated to helping the web’s next generation of online merchants KNOW more about what matters and why then we ever did.