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About Curagami’s Content Gamification

We love e-commerce, and online commerce is cha, cha, cha, changing. We see several important trends including:

  • Content Curation
  • New Customer Decision Journey
  • Gamification

Content Curation

Remember when you could write, create or steal such great content visitors flocked to your website? As Mark Schaefer’s Content Shock proved to a depressing degree – those days are gone. Content isn’t “advertising” these days.

It’s hard to sell things online without reviews, contests, games, and comments. Digital listening requires you put money, emphasis, and resources where hollow “customer focus” claims used to be to inspire customers, advocates, and stakeholders to connect, share and recruit their friends.

There’s a rub. You win hearts, minds, and loyalty with authenticity, care, and love. Too much focus on recruiting friends-of-friends feels inauthentic, pushy, and inappropriate.  Listening, learning, and adjusting your ideas, products, and content based on ongoing and ever richer collaborations builds trust and a tribe forms.

The New Digital Customer

Read The Consumer Decision Journey from consulting gurus McKinsey to understand how different your smartphone enabled, assuming there is an always on the web, and fickle-loyalty customers are today. Don’t mistake the brutal truth beneath this new consumer journey. No matter what business you are in your customer’s expectations is cha, cha, cha, changing.

Disruption is happening fast and all over. There is GOOD NEWS for those willing to hear, act upon, and pivot toward key ideas.

  • Collaboration – How does your company encourage and reward customer collaboration?
  • Crowdsourcing – Are you tapping the “virtual network” every company has but few use?
  • Asking For Help – One of the most HUMAN things your marketing can or will do is ask for help
  • Listening – Do you follow more than half your Twitter following if not your company is sending the wrong signal
  • Playing Together – Are you finding ways to gamify your ASK?


“Tell me a fact, and I’ll learn. Share a truth, and I’ll believe. But tell me a story, and it will live in my heart forever.”

Like this old Indian saying, stories are what makes content inspiring, distinctive, and engaging. We buy with emotion and use facts to justify what we’ve done. Why then is our focus so factual? Will facts persuade? Why do we complicate our desire to work and play together?

Is it hard to imagine the benefits of “playing together” again? We modify the old Indian quote. “Tell me a story, listen to our story and let’s create a game based on OUR stories.” Wordy, but you get the idea. Games create, strengthen and deepen loyalty and engagement over time. Listening and understanding are often easier, faster, and more salient when we play games.

Let’s face it we get bored. We take for granted what was once magical and unique. The pressure to change, respond and add content is too big for any team, but easy when freely given, sought and rewarded. Easy is the wrong word since creating a sustaining and sustainable community is many things, and easy isn’t among them. Despite how HARD it is to imagine your business as a collaborative game doing so promises many benefits.

The pressure to change, respond and add content is too big for any team no matter the size. Content freely given, sought and rewarded is another matter. Our spiritual journey is a move from US and THEM to We. When we listen more than we talk, pitch, or sell trust builds engagement, conversion, and our tribe forms.

If I can help create your tribe contact me:

Martin Smit
e: Martin(at)Curagami.com
c: 919.360.1224
t: @Scenttrail @Curagami
l: Martin Marty Smith

Curagami Logo Nessie image

What’s up with the logo?

We started with an origami bird, a bird you may see Martin wearing around Durham. As the company evolved so did our logo. Martin calls today’s Curagami logo Nessie as it reminds him of the famously shy Loch Ness monster. We use “link blue” because blue is men’s (42%) and women’s (29%) favorite color.

What’s up with the name Curagami?

Curagami combines two words the company founders thought would prove increasingly important to online commerce – curation and gamification. Curation is the purposeful filtering of content so others can more easily discover, read and interact with it. Gamification applies game theory to web marketing with an overriding belief everything is a game these days.

What is a “Startup Factory”

Chris Heivly and Dave Neal run the South’s best accelerator for startups in Durham, North Carolina. When Curagami was founded the Startup Factory was located in the American Underground. These days, because Chris and Dave love being where the cool kids are, the factory is located at the 201 West Main in downtown Durham.

Startup Factory logo image on Curagami

The cover is Clash a magical realism painting by Australian artist Joel Rae.